So Ma’am this one was for you, of course. Happy Platinum Jubilee. This was much more than this today in the village.


I spent a while today looking down from the BLC balcony at the celebrations below. Reflecting and appreciating the result of weeks of effort.


Appreciation, laughter and a genuine sense of togetherness.  It wasn’t long ago that COVID raised its ugly head and here we are today. A celebration, yes we can celebrate again. A village united, young and old. bunting, balloons, music, singing, dance and a mad tea party.. yes we had it all. I joked to the ladies this morning volunteering making sandwiches for 500+ .. “Ladies, do you realise you’re making history right now?!’. I meant it. Often we look back a pictures, similar to those displayed at Brantham Village Hall today at people giving their time up for others. Wow, these ladies rocked this morning and I thank you all.


This leads on to the Mad Hatters Tea Party.  BATS, you did not disappoint. Props, costumes, great effort and a stage set for all. Thank you Mark Hinson and volunteers. Thank you Brownies too for your help with the tea party. The sense of unity among you all as the sun was shining upon the BLC beer garden, it made me smile.


Congratulations to Stacey and all that attended the village hall exhibition, nothing but praise on the field from that. It was lovely to unite the Leisure Centre and Village hall for one day and I know this has built a solid foundation going forward.

This brings me nicely to the eagerly anticipated trailer arrival. Shaun, from Essex Recycling Ltd at Wix. The knight in shining armour with no gain, only good intention and community focus. Thank you. Our leaving words – Shaun, people like you make the world a better place. I meant it.

Cat and Laura (and Maddie) the entrance gate experts. Years volunteering on the Fireworks committee gate, little recognition but ladies, you stepped up as usual. Huge thanks.

So over a thousand of you came to celebrate this afternoon. Very rarely do we see such numbers stay for the long haul @ BLC. The programme of events was opened by the truly talented, Harriet Snook. Haz, the audience was thrilled with goose bumps. Your voice rocks! Thank you to All Revved up that led the way and then to The Brantham Community Choir. Apologies for the steep step up to the stage. You all looked amazing and united. Much gratitude. Over 40 dancers created a performance second to none. Thank you Miss Debbie, the parents and dancers. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Liz Baylam, our tug of war queen. I’m laughing. If you want anything done ask a busy person. Liz another one of life’s selfless gems. She did it! Micky P another unsung hero of the village. Electrics, stage management and our DJ. Micky P and co, thank you. Our last band of the day Rob Lang and Borrowed Beats. Now this is when I finally sat down. Not really, enjoyed the dance. Big claps, great music.


Martin Madley, my husband and the guy in the Union Jack suit. When I ordered that suit I honestly didn’t think you would go for it. Behind the scenes you worked solidly leading up to this and still at the centre this morning. You are brilliant. Debbie Pembroke, Merv and Ann, Thank you for hosting the tombola. Sam and Mark Chatfield, You two were central in the BBQ operations and everything else you inputted. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you to Eunice, my friends and family that chipped in too.


Finally our little team of staff at Brantham Leisure Centre. I am not quite sure we all realised what was about to happen. Our staff faced it head on and I am so proud of them all. Trev, Louise, Gill, Janet, Lois, Connie, Ben, Abbie, Charlotte and Ellie, you were absolutely brilliant. Tony, thank you for ticking all the boxes on my list. I wouldn’t want to co-manage with anyone else.


Thank you all for coming. Thank you to Alastair and Brantham Parish Council. We wanted this day to go down in the Brantham Village history books and wow, it did.

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Enjoy the rest of the Jubilee weekend.



Brantham Leisure Centre

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